There’s more to life than work. Sage Live is designed to give you back your time, so you can spend it any way you want – whether that’s taking a summer holiday or spending more quality time with family and friends.
Now that summer is upon us, Sage are creating a competition that offers you the chance to reclaim your time and spend it however you want.
  1. 1st Prize: A gift card (£1000) to be used on an experience or getaway of your choice. With the option to choose from a host of activities, you'll easily choose the perfect day for you and your family or friends. You’ll also get an Apple Watch and 6 months of Sage Live.
  2. 2nd Prize: An Apple Watch and 6 months of Sage Live
  3. 3rd Prize: Six months of Sage Live
Enter the competition now in two easy steps:
  1. Step 1. Enter your details on the short form.
  2. Step 2. Tweet a photo of your family or friends sharing a moment – whatever that may be for you – and use the hashtags #SageLive and #LiveMoments.
That’s it!

Step 1. Complete the short form:

#SageLive   #LiveMoments