You’re at your son’s football game, sitting in the sunshine and cheering him on.

A gentle ping from your coat pocket tells you that you have an email from a client. You glance at your phone, type up a quick reply, put your phone back in your pocket—just in time to see your team score.

You’re there for your family. You’re also available to your customer base.

Sounds great, right?

But what if you’re not there yet? What if you’re struggling to embrace this new way of working?

Don’t worry.

In this book, we’ll give fundamental, practical advice on how to “future-ise” your company.

You’ll discover:
  • The five key steps you must take today if you want to live up to everyone’s expectations
  • How smart technology can help you do this AND accelerate the growth of your business
  • Why timezones are becoming irrelevant in today’s hyper-connected world (and what this means if you’re hiring)

Jayne Leigh Hallock is a content strategy and social media manager for Sage Live.

In this free guide, she explains all of the above and more.

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