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Register today for one of our live webcasts to get a first-hand look at the latest Sage product releases. The weekly series of 40-minute events will demonstrate how Sage can help your company go mobile, build estimates using 2D and 3D content, as well as better manage key construction processes, such as job costing, payroll, and risk management.

The 7 Technology Tools Every Contractor Needs
With increasing competition, and ever-shrinking profit margins, contractor's rely on business management software more than ever to stay ahead of the game. The most useful technology includes seven "must-have" functions. Attend this 40-minute session to find out what they are and why they matter.

Sage and eTakeoff – A New Dimension in 2D Estimating
Building estimates in 2D continues to be a time-consuming and error prone process. Register for this 40-minute session to see how a trio of products - eTakeoff Bridge, eTakeoff Dimension, and Sage Estimating makes the process faster, and more accurate.

4 ways mobile technology will transform your business
Today being in the office can mean being anywhere. Contractors on the go are rapidly turning to mobile technology to access information 24/7 from any location. During this 40-minute event you'll see how smartphones and tablets are going to forever change the way you work.

Sage and AutoDesk® Navisworks – the future of 3D BIM modeling
BIM has arrived. The future of estimating is here. And so is the way you'll work with it. Join us for the 40-minute session to see how Sage integrates with AutoDesk® Navisworks® and eTakeoff Bridge simplifies building bids with 2D and 3D content.

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