Sage Cashback Promotion

You have made the right decision to visit our Sage Cashback Promotion page. Now, all you need to do is to sign up the form below & receive a Cashback Redemption of up to RM1050* from Sage Asia. Join the 200,000 customers in Malaysia and Singapore today.

Cashback Promotion details:

Buy Sage UBS &/ or Payroll between 1 January and 31 March 2018 and get the following cash back:

  • UBS Accounting (SRP:RM1650): You will receive RM188*!
  • UBS Inventory (SRP:RM1850): You will receive RM288*!
  • UBS BSM (SRP:RM3500): You will receive RM588*!
  • Payroll 15(SRP: RM500*): You will receive RM175 “Cash back”.
  • Payroll 30 (SRP: RM1,000*): You will receive RM350 “Cash back”.
  • Payroll 60 (SRP: RM1,500*): You will receive RM525 “Cash back”.
  • Payroll 100 (SRP: RM2,000*): You will receive RM700 “Cash back”.
  • Payroll 150 (SRP: RM2,500*): You will receive RM875 “Cash back”.
  • Payroll Premium (SRP: RM3,000*): You will receive RM1050 “Cash back”.

*Payroll SRP is based on 1 user

3 Simple steps to participate in the cashback promotion

Step 1: Complete the form below.

Step 2: You will receive a call from Sales within the next 3 working days.

Step 3: Complete the transaction and Submit a completed Redemption form attached with your proof of purchase (Copy) which clearly shows you have purchased Sage UBS before 31 March 2018. Download the Redemption form here.

For more information, please call: +60 3 2272 9998

Please complete in full:

*Compulsory to provide email address. This allows us to send an email of your redemption status.

(Please provide the company name you used to register your Sage software)

Terms and conditions

  1. The “CASH BACK” promotion is a Sage Asia offer and valid for companies registered in Malaysia only.
  2. The “CASH BACK” offer is only available to new Sage Asia customers purchasing Sage Payroll 15, Sage Payroll 30, Sage Payroll 60, Sage Payroll 100, Sage Payroll 150, Sage Payroll Premium, Sage UBS Accounting, Sage UBS Inventory and Sage UBS BSM between 1st January till 31st March 2018. Cash back is not applicable to other Sage products not listed above.
  3. “CASH BACK” is only applicable to those who have registered their software, completed and submitted their redemption forms by 15th April 2018.
  4. Redemption process will only take place after 15th April 2018.
  5. Payment will be made by the 30 June 2018 provided the customer has supplied – the completed “CASH BACK” redemption form with a copy of proof of purchase. Your software must also be registered. Incomplete forms will not be accepted.
  6. Payment will be made via direct debit by the 30 June 2018.
  7. Lead time of bank clearance for your payment is within 10 days.
  8. The participant will receive confirmation of receipt of the redemption form via e-mail within 10 working days.
  9. Value of “CASH BACK” is as follows:
    • Purchase of UBS Accounting will receive RM188 “Cash back”.
    • Purchase of UBS Inventory will receive RM288 “Cash back”.
    • Purchase of UBS BSM will receive RM588 “Cash back”.
    • Purchase of Payroll 15 will receive RM175 “Cash back”.
    • Purchase of Payroll 30 will receive RM350 “Cash back”.
    • Purchase of Payroll 60 will receive RM525 “Cash back”.
    • Purchase of Payroll 100 will receive RM700 “Cash back”.
    • Purchase of Payroll 150 will receive RM875 “Cash back”.
    • Purchase of Payroll Premium will receive RM1050 “Cash back”.
  10. “CASH BACK” offers are not applicable to any other Sage offers.
  11. Under no circumstances will late “CASH BACK” claims be processed. “CASH BACK” redemption and registration form and proof of purchase must reach Sage Asia (Malaysia) by 15th April 2018.
  12. The “CASH BACK” cannot be granted to any participant who:
    1. Has not purchased a product within the promotional period; and/or
    2. Has not completed the application form; and/or
    3. Has not supplied a copy of proof of purchase; and/or
    4. Has not submitted their application within the stated time; and/or
    5. Has not registered their purchased product to their company name within the deadline
  13. The “CASH BACK” will only be paid upon satisfaction by Sage Asia of these terms and conditions. By completing the redemption form, customer confirms their acceptance of these terms and conditions.
  14. All claims are subject to terms and conditions set out herewith and claims which do not conform to these terms and conditions will be void.
  15. Proof of posting or faxing is not proof of submission.
  16. “CASH BACK” applications become and remain the property of Sage Asia upon receipt, and remain property of Sage Asia. Proofs of purchase cannot be returned.
  17. Sage Asia accepts no responsibility for lost, late, damaged or misdirected applications, except in the event of negligence, fault or deliberate acts or omissions on the part of Sage Asia or its agents.
  18. Sage Asia reserves the right to alter, amend or foreclose this promotion without prior notice.
  19. This promotion is not valid with any other promotions or any other offers, redemption will only be paid if purchases are invoiced at full recommended retail price.
  20. Cash Back is nontransferable to any other company name.
  21. Only cash back form before 15th April 2018 will be accepted.