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1.  C-Level Execs and Business Owners

When decisions are made, you have the final word. That’s why you need a full view of your business.

1.1  Get a Comprehensive View
1.2  Make Data-driven Decisions
1.3  Establish Team Transparency

2.  Finance Managers and Bookkeepers

You’re the numbers person. You don’t have time for anything but a system that can serve your every need.

2.1  Be a Trusted Advisor
2.2  Report Precisely
2.3  Increase Efficiency

3.  Sales Representatives

You spend a lot of your life on the road. You need an accounting platform that travels with you.

3.1  Invoice from Anywhere
3.2  Submit Expenses via Mobile
3.3  Access Customer Indicators

Sage Business Cloud Financials Guided Tour

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